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Safex Industries Limited Crane traders distributors contact address phone number

Safex Industries Limited traders and distributors contact address phone numbers all Gujarat information . Hello everyone my name is Richa Dave and I am de Sales and marketing manager in this company we provide high quality of products and crane you can contact us for all type of services. Currently we are offering discount offers and promotions contact us in detail. First of all kindly accept my gratitude and thank you visiting our website our website saying information about most popular famous all crane manufacturers in India Ahmedabad Gujarat in nearby City today we are talking about one of the most leading popular name in Gujarat who become famous and popular by providing high quality of product and solution through industries yes you are absolutely right I am talking about  Safex Industries Limited  Tel +91 96384 44439 . Which is located in Ahmedabad Gujarat have recently visited their project and I find their one of the very professional industry in Ahmedabad I would like to share you some of my options and my views about this company when I visited this company I meet one of the gentleman call Ruchi it the way it is one of the general manager of this project hi introduce me all the employees and he has given me his factories around the beautiful part is this factory is completely automated and work on standard operating procedure and having a 24 hour customer care department where all the problems regarding installation or post operational any problem in the machine then will be handed. Very carefully with the peoples I am sure if you are purchasing or looking for such a possibility to purchase this project I am sure my this options and my views and my advice will really helpful for you.

Safex Industries Limited  Tel +91 96384 44439 office located in Gujarat if you have time and you want to purchase their machine it is more suggested to you visit their factory once and feel and look everything from your eyes that is more important talking to customer care agent is a great idea to start the conversation but visiting to this place and looking as actual operation of the machine definitely have a great positive energy towards you there are many more Other industries available at the same location in Ahmedabad so you can also visit to them also and then compare the price I am sure this will take your three days exercise but I am sure if you do that if you physically present to Ahmedabad Gujarat and explore all the factories and manufacturers then definitely you will find the best machine for your business overall I am sharing you list of other crane manufacturers also so you can also contact them they are also located in Ahmedabad Gujarat game thank you very much for watching and reading my videos and articles about crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad and my today this video is completely dedicated towards this best company in Ahmedabad aabad

Safex Industries Limited  Tel +91 96384 44439

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